Will Digital Signage Pay for Itself?

Will Digital Signage Pay for Itself?

Worried about the cost of digital signage for your business? Read about the cost implications of owning digital signage.

We often find that people are put off investing in digital signage because they believe it will cost a small fortune. When will digital signage pay for itself?

Digital advertising displays are becoming more commonplace on the high street, often in high-end brands and luxury outlets such as the Apple Store. Although this is exciting for the industry, many small businesses feel like this is a solution that is not attainable for them.

Small businesses can believe that digital displays will be too expensive or even too complicated to set up and use. However, this is simply not the case anymore.

Digital screens did used to be reserved for those large corporations with large pockets and huge marketing budgets. But not today!

Digital screens are cheaper than they ever were and much simpler to use too.

One of the questions we get from customers is ‘how is it financially viable to upgrade to digital?’. So, we will discuss how any business, no matter what size or budget, can make digital signage work to their advantage.

How much does a digital signage screen cost?

We will begin with the screens. This has always been the largest cost associated with a digital signage solution.

Thankfully, the cost of screens has decreased in recent years.

With continuing developments in technology, you can now buy a normal TV screen very cheaply. When used with an external media player, a normal TV screen can be made into a digital signage display for a small cost.

Alternatively, if your business has an old TV lying around, this could be used in the short term for no cost apart from a media player.

However, there are pros and cons to using TV screens for your business.

Traditional TV screens are not built to run 24/7 and have a shorter shelf-life than commercial displays. Commercial displays are designed to run continually and will last for years so the small investment can be worth it.

Why would I want to buy a commercial display?

If you want to invest in a commercial display so that your digital signage is shown in the best way it can be, you must understand the differences between a commercial display and a traditional TV screen.

The good news for businesses is that commercial displays are much more affordable than you would think. For prices, please contact our team who will be able to help see which display is best for your needs and they can give you a price.

How much does signage software cost?

Once you have got your hardware, you will need to start to think about the signage software and other accessories that are necessary to making your display stand out from the crowd. While you might think that digital signage software is expensive, you will be pleasantly surprised.

Digital signage companies often have a few different options to suit your needs and budget and LCD Showcase is no exception. Our team at LCD Showcase can help discuss your project ideas, can create content, set up software and provide training so that you can have the solution that suits your needs and that you are comfortable with.

We would advise that support and training is not something you should skip as, once you know how to control the signage properly, you can have the flexibility your business needs at your fingertips. Also, if you invest in a solution and you have an issue or you’re are having trouble using it, you do not want to waste your time and money. Therefore, it’s a good idea to have a support team there to help you so you can resolve the issue quickly.

At LCD Showcase, we manufacture and install our bespoke hardware, have an in-house digital signage team who can create your signage and provide training and can provide maintenance and support for years to come. We are the end-to-end solution provider so that your project does not get lost in translation between numerous providers. Our team can discuss your needs and budget and provide the perfect solution to suit your business.

Going digital with your advertising doesn’t have to break the bank. Digital signage can be much more eye-catching than traditional posters and can help your business see an upswing in sales.

If you would like to discuss your digital signage project or the benefits of digital signage, please contact our team who will be happy to speak to you about your needs and provide a no-obligation quote. 

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