Choosing the Right Interactive Touch Screen for Your Office

Choosing the Right Interactive Touch Screen for Your Office

Choosing the right touchscreen for your boardroom can be tricky. Read how to make the right choice for your needs.

There is a lot more to purchasing an interactive touch screen for the office than just buying the largest panel that will fit. We will talk you through the things you should think about when wanting to invest in an interactive touch screen for your office.

Using interactive digital tools in the office can help staff collaborate effectively and this has become a hot topic in most companies. The interactive nature of this technology also allows the movement of digital data between staff and locations, meaning businesses can work as effectively as possible.

Choosing the right interactive solution, either replacing a projector or non-interactive screen, can be daunting. This can especially be the case if using this sort of technology is new to you and the business. You might also have reservations about the true cost of these solutions but this article aims to answer some questions you may have about choosing your own interactive touch screen.

The Right Screen for the Right Room

Choosing the correct or ideal location for your interactive screen is one of the most important parts to integrating the technology.

Interactive screens now coming in a range of sizes and prices, so choosing the location for your screen is more about meeting the needs of the user than putting it somewhere just for status.

Regardless of the screen size, the display needs to work for the size of the room it’s in. You might want to put screens in a few rooms of different sizes and shapes so it is important to choose a solution where each screen works with the same software and in the same way so that there is no confusion.

It is important that you think about how people will use the screen. If it will be used mainly for presentations or large meetings, then a larger screen in a larger room will work well. However, if you have small teams who have small meetings in huddle spaces, small screens will work perfectly.


At LCD Showcase, we believe that simplicity and ease of use is an integral part of delivering a smooth interactive technology experience. An interactive touch screen that needed calibration, driver updates and a long user manual would not be suitable for the modern office environment.

Users was to connect technology quickly and simply so that they can get on with the job at hand. They want to be able to collaborate with colleagues easily and seamlessly. Connection needs to work instantly, without the need to having to find special cables, pens or remote controls.

An interactive touch screen that can offer connection with a standard Windows or Android interface is what is needed. This will work every time with no additional set up time.

For even more flexibility, wireless connectivity would give you the opportunity to add multiple participants, making sharing resources easy. Interactivity is the main reason why you are investing in these screens, so this means that the screen will get used and doesn’t end up just becoming an expensive display screen stuck in the corner of the room.

Touch Options

Interactive touch screen technology has become a part of our everyday lives, from smartphones to touchscreens in retail spaces. We are all becoming used to intuitive and easy-to-use technology.

Also, with touch capabilities now available on the standard Windows OS, users can annotate directly on the popular software packages, such as Word, Powerpoint and Excel. Therefore, even with the entry level technology now available, this touch experience is available so your interactive display in the office shouldn’t need special software installed. This make the integration easy and smooth.

Bring Your Own Device

In many businesses now, staff are issued with a laptop or smartphone to use for work purposes. However, as these tools might not suit all staff, BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) has become more popular.

Traditionally, allowing staff to bring in different devices would have been an IT nightmare. However, with the diverse compatibility of interactive touch screens, you can simply plug most devices in and instantly get to work. This flexibility is a huge benefit to companies.

Reducing Travel Costs

Traditionally, meetings had to take place face-to-face. However, interactive touch screens can integrate seamlessly with your video conferencing system, meaning you can have meetings with colleagues from anywhere. This reduces travel costs and also your carbon footprint.

Therefore, choosing an interactive touch screen that can integrate with your video conferencing system is vital to ensuring that collaborative working with colleagues is successful in your business.


Finally, there is the consideration of the true cost of ownership. Purchasing the cheapest solutions is not always the most cost effective in the long run. The screen you purchase is a considerable investment in your company’s collaborative future and work ethic.

You will want a screen that is high-quality so that it doesn’t fail when your staff need it most. Also, quality but simplicity will give you a good return on investment as your staff will get good use out of it. Staff will simply not use a solution that is difficult to use, fails them or generally does not make them more productive.

That is why our 4K touch screen displays are perfect for the office. They have great picture resolution, have Android OS as standard with the option of adding Windows 10, and have software that allows staff to use on-screen tools to enhance their work performance.

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