4 Reasons Why Your Church Should Consider an LED Video Wall

4 Reasons Why Your Church Should Consider an LED Video Wall

LED video walls ca be a great addition to a church. Read about the 4 reasons why you should consider it.

Over recent years, congregations have been engaging with their worship through added visual elements during religious services. Rather than being focussed on orders of service or hymn books, the congregation are now often looking at a projector. However, recently, many churches have decided to improve this experience by installing LED video walls. This technology allows church leaders to create customised videos, images and text and even show live feeds.

Why consider LED Video Walls instead of other options?

They are surprisingly affordable

Costs for LED walls have decreased significantly over recent years due to technology improving and becoming easier to manufacture, install and maintain. Furthermore, the modular nature of LED Video Walls means that, if you do have a fault occur on the display, you only need to fix or replace a small section rather than the whole system as you would need to with a projector system. As a result, the breakeven point of LED over projection-based systems takes only one or two years.

They consume less power

The TCO (true cost of ownership) of LED is less than that of LCD displays. Therefore, it is a wise investment as the running costs are lower.

LEDs consume 40%-50% less energy than projectors and they also emit less significant heat.

When choosing a projection system, many people focus on the upfront cost. However, many churches are then spending a lot on electricity every month to power the system. The substantial savings that LED walls allow can go right back into the budget for your congregation.

They are brighter and easier to see for everyone

Traditional projection systems often lack the brightness needed for use during daylight hours. Without blinds to cut out natural light, it is often hard to see what is on the projector screen.

However, LED offers the ability to change the brightness and contrast levels so that it can operate effectively in any environment. Also, the picture quality of LED video walls is must clearer so that everyone can see the content.

They last longer than projectors

LED Video Walls have two to three the lifespan of a projector system. A projector lifespan is normally 3-5 years if you regularly replace the bulbs. LED walls have a service life of 100,000 hours. This is due to the amount of small bulbs that the LED relies on, rather than the one big bulb that the projector has.

Additional advantages to LED Video Walls

Let’s have a look at the benefits and uses that make LED the ideal solution for your congregation.

LED Video Walls can create a live concert environment

Many houses of worship include contemporary elements to their services, including live music. In addition to sharing words for attendees to sing along, the eye-catching LED video wall experience brings the music to life, much like a live concert.

LED Video Walls help freshen up the church

Renovations can be expensive and many elements of the church are traditional, such as pews and high ceilings. However, installing a video wall modernises your presentation.

LED Walls customise a newly expanded space

While LED is customisable to any space, larger spaces work well with these brighter, scalable solutions. As you church grows, you can easily expand the LED or dismantle them for relocation to another space or spaces. This is a must more flexible solution than projectors, where you would have to replace the system.

When LED Video Walls might NOT make sense

Your services are much more traditional

Projector screens can raise or lower out of sight, while LED Video Walls are stationary and take longer to remove.

You’ve recently invested in a projection system

LED and projectors can work in tandem but some congregations may want to get some use out of the new projector before a new solution is installed.

You don’t currently have the resources to design dynamic content

If you’re currently showing black text on a white PowerPoint screens, LED might not be the best investment. There are third party companies that can make content for your service and we also can provide this service with our LED video wall solutions.

Engaging and inspiring your members is critical in your service. At LCD Showcase, we take a bespoke and personal approach to the manufacture, installation, maintenance of our LED video walls. We strive to provide a bespoke service where we work with you to assess your needs and budget so that we can provide the full solution for our customers. As we manufacture our products, in addition to providing installation and even content creation, we really have all the knowledge and experience to provide you with the complete solution.

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